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Why Opt for Vinyl Fence Extensions?

heavy-duty vinyl fence extensions

Vinyl fence extensions are a premium upgrade to boost your home’s privacy and aesthetics. Compared to iron fences, chain links, or traditional wood fence designs, a vinyl fence panel provides a low maintenance alternative while offering the same level of desirable seclusion.


Transforming an Existing Fence

Homeowners looking to enhance their existing fence often consider several factors including fence height, material longevity, and ease of installation. Using sturdy pvc materials, fence extensions or wall toppers can seamlessly add height to a picket fence, block wall, or even metal fences. The heavy duty longevity of these additions makes it an appealing choice for any type of fence.


DIY Installation Made Simple

For the avid diy enthusiast, adding a privacy screen or extending your fence can be a rewarding project. With vinyl fence extension kits, including post extensions, post support and every essential component, it has never been easier to increase the value and safety of your home.


Durable Fencing Material

Constructed from high-quality fencing material designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, vinyl lattice and extender panels for your privacy fence promise durability without compromising on design.


The Perfect Complement to Your Landscaping

A beautifully extended vinyl fence serves as more than just a boundary; it complements your landscaping efforts, contributing to the overall outdoor living experience. Transform your gazebo or garden space by integrating aesthetically pleasing vinyl enhancements.


Custom Solutions for Every Home

Whether you have a chain link fence craving subtlety or an iron structure in need of sprucing up with trellis-like elegance, GNG Vinyl’s custom solutions cater to every home improvement project. Benefit from our unique wall extensions which provide the ideal balance between security and style.


Extension Options Beyond the Standard

When considering increasing the robustness and appeal of your property with vinyl fence panels, explore the variety of extension options at GNG Vinyl. Our extension kits are designed for easy adaptability with existing structures while offering a warranty that secures your investment.


Your Questions Answered – FAQs

Dive into our comprehensive faqs section where we address common concerns regarding new fence installations, compatibility with a variety of structure types from block walls to existing pvc panels.


Experience Commitment and Quality

At GNG Vinyl, we are committed to providing homeowners with top-tier products accompanied by professional service from initial consultation through final installation. Embrace an enhanced lifestyle by opting for an elegant solution that promises both resilience and sophistication. Call us at (323) 543-7577

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