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Transform Your Fence with Our Range of Fence Covers

Premium Range of Fence Covers

Fence covers are more than just a way to improve the appearance of your yard or job site; they serve as a vital component of privacy and protection. At GNG Vinyl, we pride ourselves on supplying an extensive selection of high-quality fence covers designed to meet a variety of needs. Whether it’s for a home, a tennis court, or a construction site, our products ensure both privacy and aesthetic appeal.


Durability Meets Functionality


We understand that resilience is key when it comes to outdoor materials. That’s why our fence covers are crafted from heavy-duty, high density polyvinyl chloride that is weather-resistant, ensuring they stand up to the elements. Covers are reinforced with brass grommets for secure fitting and are capable of withstanding wind thanks to its perfect balance between blockage and airflow.


Polyvinyl or polyethylene: Which One Should You Polyvinyl?


PVC stands out with its firmness and long-lasting nature, approprate for solid structures like fences and sports facility windscreens. Conversely, polyethylene is known for its pliability and strong resistance to blows. However, here few reasons why you should consider using PVC over Polyethylene: 

  • Weather Resistance: Vinyl can withstand harsh weather conditions because of its higher thickness. Poly lacks quality because it is designed with plastic materials, lacking quality.
  • Drying Time: Vinyl is definitely the winner here, due to its superior construction, PVC does not absorb moisture, which makes it quicker to dry. On the other hand, polyethylene is less water resistant and risky to use, taking a longer time to dry after rain exposure since it absorbs moisture, especially in humid environments .
  • Moisture Protection: While PE is still relatively resistant to moisture compared to many other materials, it may not be as effective as PVC in environments where moisture exposure is a concern. 

Privacy and Aesthetics Combined


Create a private oasis in your backyard or commercial space with our privacy fence screen options. Offering up to 95% visibility blockage due to the 150 gsm material thickness, these screens are also ideal for temporary fences at construction sites


Customization at its Finest


No two spaces are the same, which is why we offer customizable solutions for your fencing needs. Our custom fence screen service allows you to choose from a variety of colors and sizes ensuring you get the perfect fit for your space. Whether you need an outdoor privacy screen in customary ft x ft dimensions or something tailored precisely, our team can deliver fence panels cut to custom sizes.


Versatility Across the Board


From subtle green shades that blend seamlessly into landscaping designs to bold colors that make a statement on-site, our diverse range of fence covers is the best seller for those seeking both functionality and style. These commercial-grade covers are suitable not only for chain link fences but also work well as slat inserts, providing additional privacy blockage where you need it most. They create a breathable atmosphere where you enjoy your time at peace with your family, secluded from any outdoor distractions and annoyances.


Quality Comes Standard


Feel confident in your investment knowing that every purchase comes with a strong warranty. Our commitment to excellence means we provide durable bindings that enhance the longevity of your fence cover.


Regardless if it’s for sprucing up an old chain link fence or providing much-needed seclusion around a tennis court, GNG Vinyl stands by its promise to deliver premium products that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.


Contact us at (310)773-0275 to enhance your outdoor space with GNG Vinyl’s durable and stylish pvc fence covers. Find out more about  privacy solutions for your home or business from privacy screen covers to fence covers, combining functionality with aesthetics.

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