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Sleek and Modern: Transform Your Space with a Horizontal Vinyl Fence

Sleek and Modern Horizontal Vinyl Fence

Embrace Elegance and Privacy with Vinyl Fencing


GNG Vinyl is at the forefront of providing sophisticated and reliable vinyl fencing solutions. Our horizontal vinyl fence options offer not just a sleek, modern appeal but also the intimacy homeowners desire. Whether it’s a solid white privacy fence to create a serene backdrop or a semi-privacy fence allowing soft light through a lattice top, our designs cater to various aesthetic preferences while ensuring solitude.


Durable Materials Matched with Chic Design


Our horizontal vinyl fencing range showcases unparalleled durability with low maintenance requirements, giving you more time to enjoy your surroundings without the constant upkeep. The wood grain texture available on some of our options delivers the classic look of a wood fence without the susceptibility to weathering. And with barrette outdoor living‘s expertise reflected in every product, quality is a promise.


Style Meets Functionality in Every Aspect


Beyond visual appeal, functionality plays a significant role in fence style selection. The sturdy vinyl fence posts and bottom rails guarantee long-lasting stability, while the innovative design of horizontal infill boards adds structural integrity to our fences. Choose from unassembled or pre-assembled vinyl fence panels depending on your preference for convenience during fence installation.


Customization at Its Finest


Personalize your space with custom widths that align with your vision for curb appeal. Our variety of colors range from traditional driftwood to pristine white, ensuring that every homeowner finds their perfect match. Post cap selections add another layer of customization, allowing you to put finishing touches that reflect your unique style.


Seamless Integration of Gates for Full Perimeter Solutions


Complete your fencing project with matching vinyl gates. Each gate kit is crafted for seamless integration with our fences, reinforcing the uniformity of design around your home. From simplicity in vinyl picket fences to robust privacy vinyl fencing options, there’s no compromising on aesthetics or function.


A Superior Alternative for Today’s Homeowner


Replace outdated wood or chain link barriers with something that stands the test of time. Our USA-manufactured vinyl products, such as the vinyl privacy fence panels and fence rails, offer homeowners a superior alternative that resists decay and fading. Furthermore, the easy-to-clean nature cements these solutions as practical choices for modern living.


Long-Term Investment Into Your Property


Investing in GNG’s horizontal vinyl fence means investing in your property’s future. Not only does it boost visual appeal and add to curb appeal, but it also adds value with its lasting resilience and minimal upkeep requirements—making it an enlightened choice for any homeowner looking to combine flair with function.

Call us at (310) 20773-0275 to explore our exquisite collection of horizontal vinyl fences, and discover the perfect blend of serenity and sophistication for your space.

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