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Outdoor Patio Shelters: Comfort and Style Combined

Stylish detached patio covers

Patio Cover Options for Ultimate Outdoor Living

Detached patio covers transform your outdoor space into an inviting retreat. Choose from pergolas, gazebos, or covered patios to enhance your backyard experience.


Do-it-Yourself Projects for Your Outdoor Space

Embrace your DIY spirit while improving your outdoor living area. Create a fire pit, install privacy screens, or build a cabana for a welcoming space to relax.


Upgrade Your Outdoor Living with Luxury Amenities

Elevate your covered patio or freestanding pergola with an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, or outdoor fireplace. Entertain guests and indulge in luxury whenever you wish.


Quality Patio Design Materials for Style and Durability

Select durable materials like concrete pavers, flagstone, polycarbonate awnings, or fascia to achieve a stylish and long-lasting patio design that complements your home.


Improving Your Outdoor Living Space

Southern California  homeowners adore their outdoor spaces. Turn your Long Beach or Van Nuys backyard into a sanctuary with local design ideas that are perfect for the southern California climate.


Expert Advice and Resources to Boost Your Home Improvement Journey

Our project designers have a wealth of knowledge. At GnG Vinyl you can benefit from expert tips in designing railing, patio roofs, and other outdoor structures.


Factor Warranty and More into Your Patio Project Decision

Choose GNG Vinyl’s detached covered patios or freestanding pergolas with confidence—our warranty ensures years of enjoyment as you create your backyard paradise.

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