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How To Clean Vinyl Fencing

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How To Clean Vinyl Fencing

  • GNG Vinyl Fencing, Inc. decks delivers the simple beauty of a 6” wood-grain deck board that has a non slip surface. It is made of rigid virgin vinyl and does not use wood fillers, saw dust or recycled plastic. The result is a deck that is very consistent with no batch to batch variations, eliminating many of the fading and color variation problems common in composite decks.


Vinyl railings for steps are safety barriers made of vinyl designed for staircases, providing support and enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor or indoor steps.

Yes, vinyl railings for porches can often be customized in terms of style, color, and design to suit your preferences and match your porch’s aesthetics.

Vinyl deck railing offers durability, resistance to fading, cracking, and peeling, making it a long-lasting and attractive option for your deck.

Yes, vinyl railings for steps are resistant to pests and insects, ensuring they remain in good condition and retain their appearance over time.

A vinyl stair railing provides a secure handhold and support, enhancing safety while traversing stairs, whether indoors or outdoors.