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Discover the Beauty and Durability of CertainTeed Fences

Beauty and Durability of CertainTeed Fences

Unveiling the Certainty of Quality


Our CertainTeed range is designed to meet the needs of discerning homeowners who prioritize both the aesthetic appeal and the unwavering quality of their living spaces. The blend of long-lasting beauty with sturdy fencing material reflects our commitment to excellence in every certainteed Bufftech fence product we offer.


The Bufftech Vinyl Fence Innovation


Bufftech highlights our innovative spirit in the fencing industry, providing precision-engineered Bufftech fence products. When choosing a Bufftech vinyl fence, homeowners gain a structurally sound, visually stunning exterior with ease, thanks to components like bottom rail, post caps, and sturdy fence posts.


Embrace Variety with Our Vinyl Privacy Fence Styles


From privacy fence designs that ensure seclusion to decorative post & rail options, our vinyl fencing caters to every architectural taste. The intricate lattice patterns in our offerings complement diverse themes such as Cape Cod or Brookline fence systems.


Textures and Tones that Echo Nature


Our technology grants a woodgrain look without high maintenance. Similar to the colors of wood fences, with Certagrain texture technology, the natural charm of woods like red cedar or danbury select cedar is captured within easy-to-maintain materials offering colors like Sierra Blend or Weathered Blend.


Elevate Your Outdoor Haven


Beyond aesthetics, our fences promise functionality, ensuring longevity for your home’s exteriors. Select from themes like Sherwood, Rothbury, Princeton or Galveston – each engineered with CertainTeed‘s durability and backed by a robust warranty.


Comprehensive Service and Quality Commitment


We go beyond just offering certainteed fence products; full installation instructions are provided to ensure correct setup. Your investment is safeguarded by not just roofing expertise but also durable decking and pvc solutions for complete enclosures.


CertainTeed: Synonymous with Durability


As experts in PVC extruded components, we offer products built to endure diverse climates across the USA. Our CertainTeed warranty means enjoying your bespoke outdoor setting without concerns about degradation is a certainty.


Ongoing Assurance after Fence Installation


With GNG Vinyl’s expertise in creating outstanding fencing solutions like New Lexington structures ensured with galvanized steel reinforced rails – your peace of mind continues long after installation. Revel in craftsmanship that brings you Certagrain textures reminiscent of imperial select cedar – all made possible by a legacy rooted in USA manufacturing excellence that includes gypsum products. Give us a ring at (310) 20773-0275 and let us transform your home exterior into a secure and elegant masterpiece!

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