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Contemporary Style and Durability: Horizontal Vinyl Fencing

Durable Horizontal Vinyl Fencing

Bringing Modern Elegance to Properties with Horizontal Vinyl Fencing

GNG Vinyl presents the horizontal vinyl fence, a product that transforms any property by coupling contemporary design with exceptional durability. Our vinyl fencing options, especially the standout horizontal patterns, provide homeowners across the USA with a fence style that’s both visually appealing and functionally superior to traditional wood fencing.


Exploring the Advantages of Vinyl Fence Solutions

Vinyl fence panels are known for their low maintenance and robust nature. Unlike a standard wood fence that may succumb to weather or pests, our vinyl products withstand the test of time without costly upkeep. Homeowners relish not only the practicality but also the aesthetic versatility, from pristine white vinyl privacy fences to wood grain textures reminiscent of natural wood’s timeless beauty.


Combining Privacy and Aesthetics Perfectly

The notion of a privacy fence doesn’t have to suggest a monolithic wall. Our privacy vinyl fencing can be customized with various features like lattice tops or semi-privacy fence designs to ensure you achieve both solitude and style. The vinyl privacy fence panels come in multiple widths and allow for horizontal infill boards, delivering a bespoke appearance tailored to each homeowner‘s unique vision.


Accentuating Details with Functional Elements

Each component of our vinyl fence, from post caps to bottom rails, is crafted with precision. The strength of our vinyl fence posts ensures lasting stability while lending itself to an array of stylistic choices. Whether it’s the subtle integration of driftwood tones or bold curb appeal you seek, there’s a variety of colors and designs at your disposal.


A Blend of Ingenuity and Low Maintenance Living

Our offerings go beyond mere fences with expertly designed vinyl gates and gate kits for easy access points that mirror your chosen fencing’s elegance. We prioritize low maintenance without sacrificing structural integrity, making our horizontal vinyl fences a sensible investment for discerning homeowners.


Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Sanctuary


With Barrette Outdoor Living as part of our cornerstone selection, we deliver unassembled or fully constructed fence rails and panels, providing flexible solutions for DIY enthusiasts or those preferring professional fence installation. Imagine replacing an old chain link boundary with a broad palette of contemporary styles that elevate your home’s exterior.

GNG Vinyl is aligned with your vision to craft an outdoor space that resonates with contemporary design without foregoing practicality. Reach out to: (323) 543-7577 and choose from our range of horizontal vinyl fences and experience tranquility wrapped in elegance.

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